• Alissa Lapinsky

When are you opening??

It's my favorite question to hear. You know why? It means you're excited. Hopefully as excited as I am! It's also my least favorite question. You know why? Because I don't have the answer.

I have people call my cell phone (thank goodness I already own a business and my info is out there!), people randomly stop by my hair salon, ask me in conversations, in texts, in emails, through friends and family members, I've been asked by pretty much every way I can think of other than carrier pigeon. And I just love that you're as excited as I am. You guys I am SO ready to be in a building and start the sewing community I've been dreaming of.

But the universe thinks I need more time. Because the original plan was to be in the building in June and open in September. It's November and the building renovations haven't started yet. It's no one specific person's fault, so no need to find someone to yell at (although it would be nice if that could happen!). It's an old building, renovations have lots of moving parts, and sometimes things take (way) longer than expected.

But you know what?? That just means I have more time to prepare. I got to go to Quilt Market and make some serious connections with educators and companies that I just know you're going to love. I'm in contact with quite a few different people that I'm super excited to bring in. So save the date, because I'm planning a kick-ass Grand opening in March. Yes, you read that right...March.

I hope to be in shop sometime in January, and open my doors ASAP. Being open in January and February, I'll have enough time to work out the kinks, make sure I have enough product in the shop, and build a great education calendar for the rest of the year. Everyone who visits will be able to give me your favorite fabrics, notions, etc, to make sure we try to carry everything you love. I want all who visit to feel like this is *your* shop. My goal is for all to feel welcome and loved here and want to not only shop here, but hang out as well!

Y'all, I'm doing everything in my power to make it happen. I've chosen the best contractor in town, the plans are being drawn up, and we will be submitting for permits soon. There isn't a whole lot of work to be done, so cross your fingers, say a prayer, rub a rabbit's foot, or whatever else you do for good luck, and hopefully I can open sooner rather than later!

In the meantime....visit the site and order some fabric! www.oceansofthread.com And scroll to the bottom of the page and add yourself to my email list and you'll get a coupon just for opting in! Stay tuned for some new blog posts about what I've been making for the shop, and new products that we will be offering at the shop. My brain is running 8,000 miles an hour y'all. I'm so excited!

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